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Selected Journal Articles

Borlina, C. S., Weiss, B. P., Lima, E. A., […] Maloof, A. C., 2018. Re-evaluating the evidence for a Hadean-Eoarchean Dynamo. Under Review.

Tang, F., Taylor, R. J. M., […] Borlina, C. S., […] Harrison, R. J., 2018. Secondary magnetite in ancient zircon precludes analysis of a Hadean geodynamo. Under Review.

Pajusalu M., Borlina, C. S., Seager S., Ono S., Bosak T., 2018. Open-source sensor for measuring oxygen partial pressures below 100 microbars. PLOS ONE (in press).

Borlina, C. S., Rennó, N.O., 2017. The Impact of a Severe Drought on Dust Lifting in California’s Owens Lake Area. Scientific Reports. [pdf]

Harrison, R. G., Barth, E., Esposito, F., Merrison, J., Montmessin, F., Aplin, K. L., Borlina, C. S., Berthelier, J. J., Déprez, G., Farell, W., Houghton, I. M. P., Renno, N. O., Nicoll, K. A., Tripathi, S. N., Zimmerman, M., 2015, Applications of electrified dust and dust devil electrodynamics to Martian atmospheric electricity. Space Science Reviews.  [pdf]

Martínez, G. M., Renno, N. O., Fischer, E., Borlina, C. S., […] Gomez-Elvira, J., 2015, Likely frost events at Gale Crater: analysis from MSL/REMS measurements. Icarus. [pdf]

Borlina, C. S., Ehlmann, B. L., & Kite, E. S., 2015, Modeling the Thermal and Physical Evolution of Mount Sharp’s Sedimentary Rocks, Gale Crater, Mars: Implications for Diagenetic Minerals on the MSL Curiosity Rover Traverse. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. [pdf]

Martínez, G. M., Renno, N. O., Fischer, E., Borlina, C. S., […] Haberle, R. M., 2014, Surface energy budget and thermal inertia at Gale Crater: Calculations from ground‐based measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. [pdf]


Selected Talks & Conference Proceedings

Borlina, C. S., Weiss B. P., Lima E. A., […] Maloof, A. C., 2018, August. Questioning the evidence for the Hadean dynamo. Goldschmidt 2018.

Martínez, G. M., Fischer, E., Renno, N. O., Sebastián, E., Kemppinen, O., Bridges, N., Borlina, C. S., Meslin, P.-Y., Genzer, M., Harri, A.-M., Vicente-Retortillo, A., Ramos, M., de la Torre Juárez, M., Gómez, F., Gómez-Elvira, J., and the REMS Team, 2015, Analysis of Likely Frost Events and Day-to-Night Variability in Near-Surface Water Vapor at Gale. American Geophysical Union. San Francisco, CA, USA.

Borlina, C. S., & Ehlmann, B. L.. 2015, Modelling Diagenesis of Gale Crater Sedimentary Rocks: Scenarios Testable by the Curiosity Rover. In Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (Vol. 46, p. 1208).


Invited Talks

Borlina, C. S., 2018, October. Discutindo as evidências de um dynamo entre o Eon Hadean e a Era Eoarqueana. University of Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.